Rockbridge Ministries



It is now fifteen years  since I left the world of business as a successful salesman with British American Insurance Company in Kenya, however, left Kenya in September, 1999 and  went to Beulah Heights Bible College in USA. I graduated in the year 2006, with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Education and majored in Biblical Leadership and Administration. Afterwards, I was commissioned by Roswell Presbyterian Church, Georgia, USA to come back to Kenya as a missionary and also working as the founder and executive director of our wonderful Christian Ministry known as Rockbridge Ministries.


My main calling is to build a bridge between the USA churches and Kenyan churches, in order to reach out to the community with holistic gospel in areas such as medical, educations and orphans. This bridge will help the under privileged in the society like the orphans, poor and the sick whom I have a passion for. Also both countries will learn from one another and share the same God who wants us to share in His goodness, His promises and resources and at the end, eternal life in heaven.  I do all these things not for prestigious purposes but because it gives me great joy and satisfaction. It also pleases the almighty God whom I glorify.


I developed a good relationship with the Roswell Presbyterian Church and a partnership was born. Other churches in the USA are also joining in the partnership. They visit, volunteer in these projects, give financial commitments and prayers. This has facilitated development to the local church in terms of services to the community through Jitegemee Schools, Training Centre, Health Centre, Maternity, Tumaini Children’s Home, and Nakuru 3:16 bridge of hope. This is the 7th year they have been in partnership with my home church, PCEA Nakuru West Suburb Parish. I believe this is the beginning of a new way of doing mission in Kenya.


For the last seven years to date we have been working with over four different denominations in the USA and therefore given an opportunity, we would be willing to work and partner with any other church so that we can build and enhance the kingdom of God.  Our experience with those churches is a challenge to us as Christians to work together and join Him in what he’s doing so that we can be partners in the mission field and the kingdom building.