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At Nakuru 3:16 Bridge of Hope Centre, every day break sees the children off to school at around 6.45 am when they are picked by the school van. The women remain cleaning up the house, clothes and gardening. Just like a normal home, everyone has duties to carry out every day.

The teachers at Jitegemea Schools are reporting great progress of these children in academics and discipline. They performed very well in their midterm exams.  At home, they are very keen with their homework and reading of story books.

The boarding school girls are also doing well. They are broadening their minds with the integration of a variety of different people from different backgrounds.

The school is closing on the 31st of March, 2010. It will be the first time the 3:16 family will be together after a long time. Luckily also it will be over Easter! We look forward to having so much fun this holiday.

There was also a new admission in the home just recently, Josephine Kanyiva and her son Isaac Kariuki. It is amazing to hear how she came to be here. A woman by the name Sarah Muniu came to Mr. Zablon with a request to take in a girl who was desperate and stranded somewhere in Loreto High School, Nairobi. Zablon was moved by the story and decided to follow it up.

On appointment we visited the Principal of Loreto High School Mrs. Margaret Ruinge, who told of how she found out that Josephine was around 6 months pregnant at her fourth year in high school. She did not know her until she got a dream “Kanyiva will not die” and she was curious to find out who she was. At the time she was ok until news was broken by the housekeeper that the girl had confessed that she was expectant. She was at a dilemma on what to do considering the rules of the school where she was to be expelled and her dream!

This girl was on scholarship, and an orphan who lived with her 72 year old grandmother and her two siblings (a younger sister who is in class eight at a school in Kitui, town, and an elder brother who does odd jobs for a living), She decided to send her for further check up, where she was found to be anemic and placed under a strict diet. She continued with her schooling until closing time and she could not go home. The principal stayed with her over the holidays until opening.

School continued and she had to give birth two weeks before the national examinations. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy but how could she do her exams? The principal looked for a place where the child could stay for only five months because Josephine did not want to give him up for adoption at Dagoretti Children’s home. She showed very strong motherly instincts at her age. Josephine recuperated while sitting for her final exams. Shocking to everyone, she scored a B+ despite her experiences.  

After five months elapsed, the principal was asked to pick the baby; Josephine could not take the baby back home to her old grandma who depends on well wishers to bring her food and the little earnings of the brother. All the homes could not accommodate her and her baby. Mrs. Ruinge was desperate and she told her problem to everyone she thought would listen, till it landed on Mrs. Sarah who had gone there in search of a school for the daughter!

We arranged a day to go and pick her, the 17th of March, 2010.

The day came and the journey started at 6 am to Loreto High School. We got there and everyone was ready, the principal and four of her support staff. We headed off to Kitui town to see her grandmother. Long journey! Six hours from Nakuru town. We got there and the neighbors had gathered and Josephine’s former primary school teachers. We had a small gathering where more stories came along.

One of the Primary School teachers Mrs. Jane, told us of the way the teachers have taken care of Josephine since her mother died. They have been fundraising to see her through her education. She is a very bright girl and she topped the school in her final exams in Primary school! In high school since her tuition fee was sponsored by Palm House Foundation, which the teachers had applied for her, her pocket money, personal effects and transport, the teachers took care of. They were also surprised to learn that she was impregnated by an uncle for a little cash. Afterwards, he denied it and organized for an abortion for Josephine. After a spiritual retreat and encouragement from the teachers she decided to keep the baby. Many women at her age opt for abortion, so that was a very brave decision to take. Everyone was great full that she had finally found a home for her and her 6 months old baby Isaac. She would also be comfortable to go to the University without any worries.

The teachers placed a heavy load in our hearts by opening up about her younger sister, who is being sexually abused by every male in the homestead for little cash for the grandmother who is suffering from high blood pressure among other diseases and old age. She had also been admitted in the hospital for 2 years since she was half paralyzed.

Josephine has joined the other women at the Nakuru 3:16 Centre and she is very happy.

On the 20th of March, 2010, Margaret and her brother John were celebrating their birthday. We held a small party at the centre. All the children were eager to attend. They woke up early to do their Saturday chores and help to prepare the food and decorations. They have never experienced such in their lives.  When it started there was devotion and prayers then songs and games. There were shouts of excitement and busting of balloons. The blowing of the candles came and we had magic ones that relit every time they were blown. It was so much fun to make a wish a hundred times. Then came cake cutting and we sang birthday songs till our voices grew hose. We shared the snacks and created a memory for the kids. Every kid is looking forward to their birthdays!

Victoria and Kanyiva serving food to children of Nakuru 3:16